Great Commission Churchof God is a diverse church that enjoys passionate worship, led by united leaders that model Christ in all areas of life; and overflowing with a people empowered and equipped to serve others with spiritual gifts that allow us to actively share the transforming message of Jesus Christ to our community.

 We see Great Commission Church of God as a:


1)    Thriving Church – Growing, dynamic church with a well-designed website that reaches the world and shares our faith and ministries with others. A state of the art Family Life Center, licensed Child Care, small groups meeting spaces, and church fitness center and gym. A newly modeled Sanctuary that seats between 400-600, because the current building no longer sustains our growth, and an engaging Welcome Center. A financially sound church, consistently tithing and giving, with an annual budget of $150,000 and an average Sunday attendance of 160 by 2014.


2)    Holistically Healthy ChurchHealthy in mind, heart, body and soul. Offering hope to our community and helping people to develop a lifestyle of evangelism, worship, fellowship and ministry. A church that will offer community health fairs, space for meetings, a safe haven in difficult times, etc. A church where holiness is the standard, not the exception.


3)     People-Centered Church – Compassionate, loving and diverse church where people hear inspiring, unique, clear messages and are set free, healed, delivered, changed and challenged. People who embrace God’s biblical teachings and believe His word is still relevant for today. A church with strong, Godly men and virtuous women who diligently seek and trust God and are committed to their families. A church that practices a Christ-like love and service to the church and the community. A church where everybody is somebody.


4)     Church Building Godly Leaders – Leaders are united and committed to God; Leaders lead by example and a accountable; Leaders are focused on helping to achieve the vision; Leaders are sufficiently trained and empowered through workshops and conferences; Leaders use creative solutions to solve ministry challenges; Leaders are motivated and encourage others.


5)     Intentionally Youth-Focused Church A church with a flourishing and exciting youth ministry from the nursery through high school. A church where Youth are empowered to experience and actively serve God. We will take Jesus as He is, to our youth where they are. We will invest in and love our youth.


6)     True Worship Experience Church – Encourage deeper depths and greater heights individually and collectively. Use of blended worship to inspire passionate praise and encourage people to enjoy being in God’s presence. A praise team, choir, and musicians who are excited and live to glorify God and usher people into His presence. Enhance worship experience by using quality audio/visual/lighting and using various media resources and methods to reach others.


7)    Church United in Purpose and Ministry – People who live to give of their time, talents, and treasures,  and operating in their spiritual gifts. A church where people are fervent in prayer and fasting. Ministry gaps will be identified and filled with Godly servants. Questions to ask: What church traditions and ministries should we maintain? Which should we reevaluate or perhaps eliminate? A church that develop adequate resources to help sustain ministries.


8)     Church of Unwavering Faith and Action – We believe that with God’s strength we will achieve this vision by being patient, working together, taking calculated risks, and refusing to operate in fear. We believe that we CAN move from where we are to where God is leading us. We believe that God will eliminate hindrances. We believe we are in the right place, at the right time, during the right season. We are a church that believes that The Best Is Yet To Come! We accept it! Live it! And Serve in it!




Our Co-Pastors
Rev. Malachi & Rev. Dawn Walker, invite you to visit with us this Sunday!

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Great Commission Church of God

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  Sunday Morning Worship Service
11:00 a.m.

Wednesday Night Prayer/Bible Study
 7:00 p.m.

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